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Bandcamp becomes our official online retailer!

Starting on July 1st The Cellar Music Group will begin transitioning from having a store at to offering our recordings exclusively through Bandcamp.

Over the past several years Bandcamp has become an incredibly valuable asset for labels and artists on a number of levels. Maintaining our own website has become time consuming not to mention cost prohibitive and in order to continue bringing you new, exciting and high-level recordings we feel that this is a necessary move.

We encourage you to continue to visit us at to peruse our new releases and find out about what's going on. When you decide to purchase you will be re-directed to Bandcamp where we'll be able to engage with you in a much more streamlined way.

For our Canadian customers, you will still be able to purchase products and pay in Canadian dollars. We will continue to fulfill all orders from here in Vancouver and our international orders will be fulfilled from the United States in most cases.

We encourage you to follow us on Bandcamp to keep up on all of our exciting happenings!


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